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Chez Nous

(The Original!) Breakfast on Pluto fan-community
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“Patrick wins in the end because he has more grace, more humour, and in the end, more charity than all the grotesques that confront him. And he has much better clothes.” -- Director Neil Jordan

For rumors, updates, reviews, opinions, anecdotes, fan-creations, fan-thoughts, and general crushing on Breakfast on Pluto -- film, book, sundry related material.

Really, it's pretty open.

Just play nice --no flaming, no drama-- or I'll have to ban you. And I don't want to do that, because I'm really a nice person deep down somewhere.

-Your mod,

**index of Breakfast on Pluto movie stills from SPC website**

Breakfast on Pluto website - US release (Sony Picture Classice)
-stills, embedded clips, and plenty of information!

Breakfast on Pluto website - UK release (Pathe)
-Kitten's very own suitcase for you to explore, full of multimedia tricks and treats!

Breakfast on Pluto IMDb site
-be sure to submit some fun quotes here!

Quicktime trailer at Apple.com!
-QT7 required

Movie clips!
-scroll down and click on "Macromedia Flash"

Both trailers in various formats!
-the ad at the top is driving me mad, though.

Also check out our affiliate(s)!
-breakfastpluto - breakfast_pluto reborn!
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